External Programs

We understand that staff development is more than just about learning technical skills. Our training programs and workshops are designed above all to enhance employees’ confidence and productivity.  We also provide external training opportunities for employees to attend various competency and personal development program including overseas training. 
Leadership skills are critical as each supervisor or manager needs to manage their team more effectively to contribute to overall success of the organization.  We focus on variety of management and leadership program for different target group to prepare them as the catalyst for change.
We recognized the issue to ensure leadership continuity in key positions, retain and develop intellectual knowledge capital for the future, and encourage individual advancement.  We established a development program as it creates a motivated and capable group of employees that are ready to move forward in in their roles and responsibilities and nurture their progress up their organizational career ladders.

Paper Presentation

X-FAB encourages all employees with the appropriate knowledge and expertise to prepare articles for publication in recognized, quality media.  The publication can be made in Technical journals, periodicals and semiconductor trade magazines; Conference papers and posters; Newspapers with national or international circulation, national TV, national radio.


Patent Application

Employees are also welcomed to submit all their inventions with an element of novelty that shows some new characteristics that are not known within the technical field.

All successful paper presentations and patent registrations will be rewarded by incentives.


As a result of the effort and resources invested for employee development, X-FAB Sarawak has been awarded with the ‘Human Resources Minister Award’ under Big Manufacturing Employer Category by Minister of Human Resources Malaysia in 2011 for the significant contributions and achievements in the human resources industry.