After 6 pm, Kuching will be filled with colorful streetlights, enhancing the natural vigor and charm of this safe and vibrant city. The City Centre will showcase Kuching’s rich culture and tradition with beautifully lit up monuments and pre and post-colonial landmarks such as the Fort Margherita, the Sarawak Museum, DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak) building and The Astana. Melodious rhythms from adjoining entertainment outlets, clubs, bistros and nightspots will surely tempt the energetic people - so get ready to explore more!


Meet your future colleagues

Koo Sang Sool, Process Development Senior Module Manager

As an expatriate from South Korea, I enjoy staying in Kuching (also known as the “Cat City”) as the friendliness of this city makes me feel like staying in my home town. With less traffic congestion as compared to other big cities, Kuching is a relaxing city surrounded by interesting and friendly faces from different backgrounds and races.
With the tropical rainforest climate, there are a lot of national parks and mountains for jungle trekking activities. There are always a lot to discover in Kuching, in terms of the multiracial culture and various local cuisines e.g. Sarawak laksa, roti canai, kolo mee, satay, curry, Nyonya delicacies and many others. There are also plentiful of international restaurants available in Kuching such as Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Western, Arabian, Australian, British, Italian, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and so on.
As a Process Development Manager, I have contributed successful project development of various technology fields such as Sensors, Optoelectronics and NVM and working continuously to develop the local engineers’ technical capabilities and personality growth.
Collaboration with X-FAB’s expertise from German, UK and US in terms of experience and technical knowledge sharing is one of the notable experiences I gain in X-FAB. This allows us to respect and support each other whenever any technical issue arises.