How do you get children between 4 and 12 interested in technology and natural sciences? The VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e. V., or "Association of German Engineers") has developed a creative answer to this question – the VDIni-Club.

X-FAB supports its local VDIni Club by sponsoring the Am Steigerwald elementary school in Erfurt. The important opening ceremony was held on Friday December 2, 2011, between 3 and 5pm in the Am Steigerwald Elementary School.

Under the banner of "Hands-on Technology," children were invited to experiment, test, and marvel – for the entire afternoon.

Taking part were the Elektromuseum Erfurt, the Imaginata interactive museum in Jena, the Albert Schweitzer high school, Erfurt, the IMMS, and X-FAB.

Trainees and students from X-FAB spent time with the children
… looking through microscopes…
… handling magnets…
... building a lemon-powered radio and washing money...
... examining magic confetti...
... bringing light into the world of micro- and nanostructures...
and afterwards awarded the young research assistants a research badge for “curiosity."


Preparation of the 2nd VDIni Experimental Afternoon as part of a cooperation project with school students of the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium Erfurt and BISS students of X-FAB

Start of the collaboration was a project management workshop. The participants discussed the basics of planning and implementing their own project ideas. In various meetings the students prepared the exciting experiments for elementary school students. They presented the results on September 4, 2012 to the representatives of the VDI, the X-FAB, the IMMS and the Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium.

2. VDIni Experimental Afternoon September 21, 2012

All experiments developed during the VDIni cooperation have been thoroughly tested by the elementary school children. Together we fiddled about the experiments, tinkered and were amazed. Conclusion of the day: technology is fun - no matter what age!

2013 Next VDIni Experimental Afternoon

The next VDIni Experimental Afternoon in September 2013 is currently being planned. We will soon inform you on Facebook or here.