X-FAB to Release Design Kit for Its First Modular Analog/Mixed-Signal 0.18 um Process by End of Year

Erfurt, Germany, 11월 7, 2006.

X-FAB Silicon Foundries, the world's leading foundry group for analog/mixed-signal semiconductor applications, today announced its first modular 0.18 micrometer analog/mixed-signal CMOS process and design kit available from its subsidiary in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. The XC018 Master Kit, available next month and first implemented for use with technology from Cadence Design Systems, Inc., supports state-of-the-art design flows. It will enable engineers designing CMOS low-power applications to have a smooth and efficient path from design through physical implementation, and experience shorter design cycle times.
The 0.18 um CMOS (XC018) technology is targeted for mainstream and advanced analog and mixed-signal applications. It features 3-6 metal layers and supports applications at 1.8V, and 3.3V or 5V, noise reduced applications enabled by ISOMOS, and HV (32V) applications – specifically, power management, consumer electronics and industrial applications. Mixed-signal chip designers using it can integrate more functionality onto a single chip for more complex applications. X-FAB will use the 0.18 um analog/mixed-signal process as the core for future developments and enhancements including RF, non-volatile memory, OTP and MTP and high-voltage features governed by automotive standards.

The comprehensive XC018 Master Kit for use with Cadence technology includes the Process Design Kit (PDK) as well as a low-power digital core library and I/O libraries for core and pad limited designs. Within the PDK are primitive device models supporting Virtuoso® Spectre®, HSPICE and Eldo circuit simulators and p-cells for schematic driven layout. The kit also includes runsets for Cadence Assura® physical verification, and design rule and process specification manuals.