X-FAB Adds Support for MunEDA WiCkeD Tool Family to Statistical Modeling Offering to Optimize Circuit Performance, Statistical Analysis, Yield Optimization

Erfurt, Germany, 11월 29, 2007.

Using the combination of MunEDA automated circuit performance, yield analysis and optimization tools within the X-FAB statistical modeling suite for Monte Carlo simulation can help companies achieve robust, high-yielding designs. The move reflects ongoing cooperation between X-FAB and MunEDA to reduce the number of required analog/mixed-signal design respins and speed time to market for communications, computer, automotive, consumer electronic and other applications.

MunEDA’s tool WiCkeD is a comprehensive family of software tools for manual, semi- and full automatic analysis and yield optimization of analog, mixed-signal and digital circuits. Tools for nominal diagnosis and optimization, Monte Carlo and worst case analysis, and others, are incorporated into an automated script-based IP porting flow for added efficiency.

According to Thomas Ramsch, director of design support at X-FAB, "Designing mixed-signal ICs is challenging and complex. We are pleased to add MunEDA’s methodologies for circuit performance, statistical analysis and yield optimization to our full statistical modeling support. This powerful software helps our customers make their analog/mixed-signal designs more robust and get to market faster."

Dr. Michael Pronath, vice president of products and solutions at MunEDA, added, "We are pleased that X-FAB is extending its statistical modeling suite for analog/mixed signal semiconductor applications with our tools and methodologies for automated circuit performance, and yield analysis and optimization. The combination – a result of our companies’ long-standing and ongoing cooperation in research – gives designers a way to achieve reliable, high-yielding designs."


X-FAB’s statistical modeling suite for 0.6 and 0.35 micrometer analog/mixed-signal technology platforms, including the new support for MunEDA solutions, is available immediately.