X-FAB Offers IP Blocks for RF Designs

Erfurt, Germany, 2월 21, 2006.

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, one of theworld's leading analog mixed-signal semiconductor foundries, has extended its IPoffering to include RF building blocks for its 0.6 μm BiCMOS technology. This XB06process technology is ideal for the design of radio-frequency ICs for operatingfrequencies up to 1 GHz. Available now, the building blocks are optimized for the 868MHz ISM band, an operating frequency range typically used for wireless datatransmission in automotive, computer and consumer applications.

The XB06 design kit (TheKit) contains RF-passive devices such as inductors, varactors and MIM-capacitors. It also includes RF-optimized bipolar transistors.
X-FAB developed and also is making available an additional analog library containing typical RF building blocks (LNA, LC-VCO, Prescaler), fully characterized and documented to facilitate the design of RF-ASICs. To allow a broad range of applications, the RF building blocks are functional in a wide range of supply voltage from 2.5 V to 5.5 V.
"Using these high-performance, well-characterized RF building blocks is a fast and efficient way for our customers to implement their RF developments into working silicon," said Dr. Jens Kosch, Chief Technical Officer at X-FAB.