X-FAB Reduces Die Size with New Trench-Isolated SOI CMOS Technology

Erfurt, Germany, 5월 30, 2006.

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, one of the world's leading analog mixed-signal semiconductor foundries, today announced XT06, its new 0.6 micrometer Silicon On Insulator (SOI) CMOS technology with trench isolation. This innovative process technology delivers X-FAB's modular, flexible 0.6 micrometer CMOS technology platform XC06 on a new SOI substrate - reducing die size by up to 40 percent and making it cost-competitive with CMOS technology. XT06 technology is ideal for power management, automotive, optical, industrial and other applications that can benefit from smaller die size, less-complex circuit design with fewer loops, higher speed and lower power consumption.

The XT06 SOI CMOS technology adds features and benefits that standard CMOS technology lacks. Reduced parasitics result in less substrate noise and crosstalk, allowing designers to consider each device independently. X-FAB is one of the first companies to offer unrestricted high- and low-side operation for all devices up to 60 V, freeing designers from concern about certain design regulations. This "potential-free" design of XT06 lets designers conveniently isolate certain areas using the trenches and apply any voltage level to those islands.

Dr. Jens Kosch, chief technical officer at X-FAB said, "X-FAB is pleased to make such advanced technology available which is cost-competitive with CMOS technology. The XT06 SOI benefits create unprecedented mixed-signal circuit design possibilities for power management, smart motor control, and ClassD audio amplifier applications where bulk CMOS technologies are insufficient." The XT06 is compatible with X-FAB's XC06 modular mixed-signal technology, and the 5 V CMOS core is compatible in design rules and transistor performance with state-of-the-art 0.6 micrometer CMOS processes. MOS transistors are available with breakdown voltages up to 110V. For analog applications, X-FAB offers bipolar transistors, several capacitor and resistor devices using the double-poly architecture, and precision analog devices with low temperature coefficients. X-FAB provides reliable design rules, precise SPICE models, analog and digital libraries, IPs and development kits to support design engineers who use the XT06 technology.