Quality Certificates

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Quality Systems for Automotive Suppliers
ISO/TS 16949 - First certificationcertified in 11|03certified in 08|04certified in 11|03certified in 09|07
Current certificate ISO/TS 16949:2009* certificate 09|12certificate 10|13certificate 10|12certificate 08|13
Environmental Management System
ISO 14001 - First certificationcertified in 12|96certified in 08|03certified in 11|04certified in 06|04
Current certificate ISO 14001:2004 certificate 08|13certificate 08|13certificate 08|13certificate 08|13
Energy Management System
Current certificate ISO 50001:2011 certificate 11|12certificate 06|12n/an/a

* The ISO/TS 16949 standard includes the ISO 9001 standard. Therefore X-FAB is automatically ISO 9001 compliant and an additional certificate is not required.