Microbridge Technologies selects X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries as Foundry partner

Erfurt, Germany, 1月 19, 2004.

Microbridge Technologies Inc., a privately held technology company announced the selection of X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG of Germany as foundry partner for the initial manufacturing of the recently announced Rejustor TM, the world's first electronically precision-adjustable passive micro-resistor device.

"We are very pleased to be working with X-FAB as our foundry for the manufacture of our first commercially available Rejustor devices," said Mike Foster, CEO of Microbridge Technologies in a recent interview. "X-FAB offers the right combination of established CMOS and MEMS manufacturing expertise, capability and quality. They are the logical choice for the first foundry with the ability to build our electronically adjustable resistors."

With the Rejustor, for the first time circuit designers have at their disposal a low cost electronically controlled, high precision, bi-directional adjustment capability for in-circuit automation of resistive trimming in electronics. Pairs of Rejustor devices can be Resistance matched to typically better than 0.005% and, in a world?s first, their Temperature Coefficient of Resistance can be adjusted to match another Rejustor to better than 2 ppm/oK, or intentionally adjusted to a precise mismatch in TCR to help temperature compensate electronic circuitry.
"X-FAB is always looking for next generation semiconductor and micromechanical devices and introducing the necessary technology and processes to build these components for our customers," said Thomas Hartung, VP of Marketing & Sales at X-FAB Group. "The Rejustor is just such a device and is consistent with the continued advancement of new technologies that are offered by X-FAB."
Rejustor devices will be demonstrated for the first time in public at the Microbridge Technologies booth at IEEE MEMS 2004, January 25-29th in Maastricht, Netherlands.

About Microbridge Technologies
Microbridge Technologies, Inc. is an early stage technology company specializing in micro-systems technology for electronics, micro-devices and sensor-based systems. Microbridge uses micro-thermal devices based on conventional silicon integrated circuit technology to create solutions in a variety of industries. The devices involve a micro-membrane with embedded micro-heater, suspended over a cavity in a silicon chip. These structures form the basis for a broad family of products in the form of electronically adjustable resistive micro-devices that provide an unprecedented combination of high precision, price, and ease of use. For further information please visit www.mbridgetech.com