X-FAB Extends MEMS Platform Pressure Sensor IP Cores and SOI-MEMS Now Available

Erfurt, Germany, 5月 10, 2005.

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, the leading mixed-signal foundry specialist is now offering IP cores for MEMS pressure sensor technologies. With this novel concept X-FAB supports foundry customers who are designing single chip solutions where the piezoresistive pressure sensor is integrated with mixed-signal electronics. Discrete sensor developments are also supported. The use of proven X-FAB CMOS MEMS IP cores reduces design risks and speeds up development schedules.

Integrated pressure sensor IP cores are an extension to X-FAB's analog design library. The concept enables the designer to include a well-characterized circuit component - in this case a piezoresistive pressure sensor - into the circuit and to design the application specific mixed-signal circuitry around it. When licensing a pressure sensor IP core, the designer is provided with GDS2 data of the sensor cell and all relevant sensor characteristics that are required to design the sensor interface.

The technology platform for integrated pressure sensors is X-FAB's modular and cost effective CMOS technology. Discrete pressure sensor IP is available for bulk micromachining (XM BP) or surface micromachining (XM-SP) technologies. IP cores are available as absolute or relative pressure sensors for a set of standard pressure ranges.

In addition, X-FAB is now offering a new SOI MEMS surface micromachining technology. Target applications for this new capacitive sensor technology are 2D acceleration sensors and gyroscopes for automotive and consumer applications.

The new technology based on silicon-on-isolator (SOI) substrates leads to smaller chip sizes and an increased signal-to-noise ratio. Trench isolation reduces parasitic capacitances to an absolute minimum and enables crossing of metal lines.

Design rules and process specifications are now available. Multi-level mask sets can be used to reduce prototyping costs.

With this extension of MEMS offerings X-FAB further strengthens its position as a
leading MEMS foundry supplier.