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Published: April 2011

The XT06 Series completes X-FAB's 0.6 Micron Modular Mixed Signal Technology.
XT06 uses dielectric isolation on SOI wafers. This allows unrestricted 60 V high and low side operation of all devices. The process offers reduced parasitics which results in smaller crosstalk, reduced noise and better EMC characteristics. Thus XT06 allows innovative circuit design with reduced circuit complexity. CMOS as well as Bipolar Transistors are available with breakdown voltages up to 110V.
The 5 V CMOS core is compatible in design rules and transistor performance with state of the art 0.6μm CMOS processes.
For analog applications several capacitor and resistor devices are realized, using the double-poly architecture.

Published: July 2010

A novel 0.18μm 200V integrated technology based on Partial SOI and lateral Super Junctions devices is presented. The dielectric isolation inherent in SOI allows simple and areaefficient integration of electrically floating CMOS and HV devices while removing all substrate carrier injection-related parasitic effects. The Super Junctions give a competitively low on-resistance of HVMOS and provide a wide-range breakdown voltage-scaling capability.

Published: November 2008

Several methods have been investigated for gettering impurities during CMOS processing, in order to achieve high-quality oxides on thick SOI. The use of buried implants, buried polysilicon, surface implants, and isolation trenches was found to significantly improve the oxide quality in each case

Published: May 2008

The long term isolation properties of deep trenches in thick SOI have been investigated by current-voltage characteristics. A strong change of the measured trench leakage current was observed depending on the applied voltage. Further on a marked decrease of the leakage current was observed depending on the duration and polarity of the applied stress.

Published: September 2005

This paper presents the results of a three and a half year R&D project for low cost micromachined gyroscopes. As starting point of this work the application requirements of enhanced automotive applications such as Advanced Driving Assistant Systems (ADAS) are given. Based on these demands the sensor development is carried out.

Published: May 2005

This work describes the electrical performance of a high voltage deep trench isolation on SOI wafers. Several process and design related effects on the electrical isolation capability are investigated. Several process parameters during the trench process are examined with regard to isolation capability as well as defect generation. Trench edge geometry and layout have also a very strong impact on the isolation capability.

Published: April 2002

The adjustment of emitter efficiency by variation of doping profiles or application of lifetime control techniques such as irradiation of electrons and helium are two generally recognized concepts for the improvement of power device characteristics. In this work both concepts were studied by use of device simulation for the development of an IGBT and freewheeling diode chipset for 3.3kV.

Published: February 2002

Result of a large-area, low-capacitance lateral p-i-n photodiode in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) are presented. This photodiode possesses an antireflection coating optimized for blue light and is therefore appropriate for scintillation detector applications. An average external quantum efficiency of 78.6% and 68.4% is achieved for λ = 430 nm and 400 nm, respectively.