X-FAB Offers Lowest Mask Count 700V CMOS Process in 0.35 Micrometer for Consumer-Based Power Conversion and Control Applications

NEWS, Erfurt, Germany, May 24, 2012.

XU035 Delivers Most Cost-Effective Foundry Process for Ultra-High-Voltage Designs

Supporting the global trend toward energy conservation, X-FAB Silicon Foundries today announced XU035 – a new CMOS-based process for ultra-high-voltage consumer applications such as AC LED lighting, chargers with no-load power consumption and other power conversion and control applications. The new XU035 process provides low specific On-resistance 700V power devices and the lowest mask count in the foundry industry, enabling the most cost-effective solutions for consumer applications. X-FAB will present a free webinar about the new XU035 process on May 30 and 31, 2012, “700V Design Challenges & Solutions for AC LED Lighting and AC/DC Power Supply Applications.”

The combination of this cost-competitive process architecture and X-FAB’s comprehensive design support enables first-time-right designs for fast time to market. The new XU035 process includes multiple cost-efficiency features such as a single poly and single 5V gate oxide architecture, 8-inch bulk starting material, optional third routing and power metals and optional MIM capacitors. It also includes a depletion transistor and a high-resistive poly module. Depending on the process module combination chosen, the total mask count range of 13 to 18 is the foundry industry’s lowest. 

Besides the 700V N&PMOS, DMOS and depletion transistors with RDSon as low as 15Ohm*mm2 and 20V and 40V devices with floating high-side capabilities, XU035 process users can select from a wide spectrum of analog passive devices – UHV resistors, MOS and MIM capacitors and protection diodes, to match their specific application needs. XU035 comes with comprehensive X-FAB design support including PDKs for all major design environments, precise Spectre and H-Spice models, digital libraries and 2kV ESD support. 

Commenting on the XU035 process for mass-market applications, X-FAB’s Technical Marketing Manager Volker Herbig said, “Government regulations and increasing energy pricing mean that energy conservation is becoming an important aspect in the daily lives of
people around the world. Our new XU035 process enables our customers to compete effectively in energy-efficiency applications like LED lighting and phone chargers that require ultra-low standby power. It provides the most cost-effective process for targeting the vast high-volume consumer space, where price and time to market are primary considerations.”

The XU035 process will be available for tape-ins of prototypes and risk production in June 2012.


XU035 700V transistor in racetrack design