X-FAB´s 0.6 µm CMOS Technology Enables Groundbreaking Process Flexibility

Erfurt, Germany, May 13, 2003.

X-FAB Group, the mixed signal foundry based in Erfurt Germany, today announced the availability of sixteen (16) new process options for its 0.6 µm CMOS process family. Offering an unprecedented high level of flexibility, these processes can be combined in a modular fashion to fit specific application needs. With this development, customers of X-FAB can now build a fully customized solution to their application that is optimized to meet their performance and cost requirements. All elements of the process modules are completely qualified and characterized. Corresponding simulation models are available in the X-FAB design kit.

Using X-FAB's 0.6 µm CMOS technology, customers may now integrate non-volatile Flash memory with a storage capacity of up to 512 kBits, in addition to the already available EEPROM option. Furthermore, the new 0.6 µm CMOS technology enables flexible implementation in several voltage ranges. The transistors for the control of non-volatile memory with a mid-level voltage range of 12 - 18 V can also be used without actual usage of the memory. Because X-FAB focuses on the demands of the automotive industry, the technology is well suited for both the 14-Volt and 42-Volt PowerNet.

The proven Triple Well Concept, which consists of several wells isolated from each other, enables the trouble-free integration of circuits that have variable voltage supplies while concurrently providing a high level of immunity from interference.

"The superior level of flexibility that we are able to offer with the 0.6 µm CMOS process family provides our customers with substantial cost and performance advantages. Despite the diversity of possible variants, we guarantee a high level of process security and short delivery times - an advantage of the modular concept that we combine with our sophisticated CAM system," said Thomas Hartung, VP of Marketing and Sales for X-FAB. "The new possibilities presented by the 0.6 µm CMOS technology allow X-FAB to once again lay claim to a leadership role as a customer and service-oriented, pure-play foundry."

About X-FAB
X-FAB is an independently-owned, mixed-signal foundry with headquarters in Erfurt, Germany. The company has three manufacturing sites: X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG (Erfurt, Germany), X-FAB UK Ltd. (Plymouth, United Kingdom) and X-FAB Texas Inc. (Lubbock, Texas), with a combined capacity of approx. 8,000 8-inch equivalent wafer starts per week. Worldwide, X-FAB has more than 900 employees.