X-FAB Expands MEMS-Foundry Product Line

Erfurt, Germany, June 18, 2003.

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, the mixed-signal foundry leader, today announced an expansion of its MEMS product line to include surface micromachining technology for absolute pressure sensors. The technology enables trouble-free integration of absolute pressure sensors with X-FAB's CMOS technologies. The sensors can also be implemented as discrete components.

The technological foundation involved is a surface micromachining process. Piezoresistive, i.e. pressure-sensitive, sensor elements are raised onto the surface of a silicon membrane. A vacuum is then established in a cavity located below the membrane, which finally enables the absolute pressure measurement.

Due to high levels of precision and homogeneity in the production process, the technology is especially well-suited for high-volume applications. The sensor is intended primarily for implementation in conjunction with automotive, industrial and medical technologies. Design rules and process specifications are available effective immediately.

"With this new technology we have reached a new milestone towards making MEMS processes available in our foundry's product line. Our standard flexibility allows fulfillment of both high-volume and smaller production sizes," said Thomas Hartung, Vice President of Marketing & Sales of X-FAB Group. "X-FAB's particular advantage in sensor-interface ICs, is the trouble-free integration with our CMOS technologies."