FillFactory and X-FAB Team up to Introduce High Resolution CMOS Image Sensor

Erfurt, Germany, October 21, 2003.

FillFactory will launch a new, large area, 3048 x 4560 pixels standard CMOS image sensor products at the Vision 2003 show to be held in Stuttgart (Germany), 21-23 October, 2003. This new CMOS image sensor has been developed using X-FAB's 0.35 µm CMOS technology. The joint development in particular addressed the reduction of the dark current signal. Target applications include areas such as biometric identification, machine vision, instrumentation, document scanning, surveillance and medical imaging.

The new IBIS4-14000-M image sensor features a rolling shutter and offers a 13.85 M pixel resolution with an 8 x 8 µm2 pixel resulting in a full 35 mm optical format. The frame rate will be more than 3 frames per second through 4 analogue outputs. The IBIS4-14000 will be offered as a black & white sensor only. This new image sensor supports random programmable windowing and sub-sampling modes. The optical dynamic range is 65 dB.The sensor is produced in a 0.35 µm CMOS technology on 8 inch wafers by X-FAB UK, X-FAB's wafer fab in Plymouth, UK. FillFactory selected X-FAB for the low dark current and the high production yields that are a must for such a large area device. Although the IBIS4-14000 device will only be offered as a panchromatic imager, X-FAB also offers RGB color filter array deposition technology. FillFactory has already used the color filter technology for customized CMOS image sensors. In the future the color filter technology will also be used for standard products including the RGB color version of the IBIS5-1300.
Shipment of IBIS4-14000-M sample quantities will start from December 2003. Volume shipments are planned to start from Q1/2004.

About FillFactory
FillFactory is a leading independent supplier of CMOS image sensors. FillFactory concentrates on development and production of CMOS image sensor characterized by large number of pixels, large area, very high frame rates and high dynamic range. An important part of the FillFactory's business is customized CMOS image sensors. FillFactory became operational on 1/1/2000 and is located in Mechelen, 25 km north of Brussels. FillFactory is active on worldwide scale with customers in the US, Asia and Europe. FillFactory is a spin-off company of the Interuniversitary Micro Electronics Center (IMEC, Leuven, Belgium).