X-FAB Presents New PIN-Diode Module for Optoelectronic Integration in Mixed-Signal Technologies at electronica 2004

Erfurt, Germany, November 8, 2004.

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, one of the world's leading analog mixed-signal foundries, is presenting a new, patented PIN-diode module for its 0.6 µm BiCMOS technology (XB06) at electronica 2004 in Munich, Germany. For the first time it is therefore now possible to integrate PIN diodes (PIN = positive intrinsic negative) with CMOS and BiCMOS transistors on a single chip. The parameters of standard XB06 transistors are not influenced by the integration of PIN diodes.

The significant advantage of PIN diodes over conventional PN diodes is a reduction in barrier capacitance of around 80%. As a result, a speed increase of over 85% in signal rise and fall times is achieved. In addition, light is converted into electrical signals more rapidly, which makes PIN diodes ideally suited for high-speed data communications, e.g. for DVD pickup systems. The diodes' spectral sensitivity enables their implementation in DVD systems with either red or blue lasers. Furthermore, it is possible to use an antireflective coating (ARC) that further optimizes the diodes' spectral characteristics.

"Optical signal transmission and image processing are areas of major emphasis in X-FAB's development strategy - they are future-oriented markets with much potential," commented Thomas Hartung, VP Marketing & Sales X-FAB Group, regarding the introduction of PIN diodes. "In line with X-FAB's well-proven integration of sensors with our CMOS technologies, that same combination has now been successfully expanded to include photodiodes."

The PIN-diode module is a component of the XB06 design kit. Its availability with other X-FAB technologies is in development.