September 2009

X-FAB Announces New Process Design Kits for Cadence Virtuoso IC 6.1 Custom Design Platform

TheKit now available for all X-FAB technology platforms; increases productivity for analog/mixed-signal designs

September 2009

X-FAB Announces Half-Year Results

X-FAB Silicon Foundries today announced sales of USD 84.4 million (EUR 63.3 million) for the first six months...

September 2009

X-FAB Releases Industry’s First CMOS Foundry Process for High-Temperature Analog/Mixed-Signal Applications (copy 1)

New XA035 Process Allows Lifetime/Temperature Tradeoffs, Production of Automotive and Other ICs with Operating Temperatures up to 175˚C

July 2009

X-FAB Gains AEO Certification

The X-FAB Silicon Foundries Group, the leading analog/mixed-signal foundry, today announced that it has been granted the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) for its German sites at Erfurt and Dresden.

June 2009

X-FAB Releases First 0.18 Micrometer Foundry Solution for Integrated Hall Sensors

High-Performance Hall Sensor Capability Proven to Enable Cost-Effective SoCs

June 2009

X-FAB Announces Quarterly Results

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries today announced sales of USD 41.0 million (EUR 31.4 million) for the first quarter ...

March 2009

X-FAB announces financial results for 2008

The X-FAB Silicon Foundries Group today reported sales revenue growth during the first half of 2008, followed by a decrease for the remainder of the year ...