June 2009

X-FAB Announces Quarterly Results

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries today announced sales of USD 41.0 million (EUR 31.4 million) for the first quarter ...

March 2009

X-FAB announces financial results for 2008

The X-FAB Silicon Foundries Group today reported sales revenue growth during the first half of 2008, followed by a decrease for the remainder of the year ...

February 2009

X-FAB Announces Major Technology Advancements in BiCMOS Platform to Enable New Optoelectronics Applications


Innovative Light Shield module, Blue PIN diode and other options deliver “More than Moore” for optoelectronics market

November 2008

X-FAB Announces Third Quarter 2008 Results

The X-FAB Silicon Foundries Group, the world's leading foundry for the production of analog/digital integrated circuits, today announced sales of USD 308.9 million (EUR 203.1 million) for the first nine months of the current fiscal year.

September 2008

X-FAB Announces Half-Year Results

The X-FAB Silicon Foundries Group today announced sales of USD 226.3 million (EUR 147.9 million) in the first six months of 2008, up 21.5 percent from the same period the previous year.

September 2008

X-FAB Sarawak Set to Begin Volume Production of 0.35 Micrometer Analog/Mixed-Signal High-Voltage Technology

Process qualification enables dual sourcing by X-FAB UK and X-FAB Sarawak for ample capacity

June 2008

X-FAB continues strong growth in first quarter of 2008

Sales revenue up by 39.5 percent