September 2007

X-FAB Brings Choice and Cost Efficiencies to 0.35 Micrometer Chip Design for Analog/Mixed-Signal and Smart-Power Applications

Delivers first fully modular 0.35 micrometer foundry process that combines digital, analog, low Ron high-voltage, and embedded non-volatile memory options

August 2007

X-FAB Announces Half-Year Results for 2007

Quarterly sales top USD 100 million for the first time

May 2007

X-FAB Reports Strong Growth in First Quarter of 2007

X-FAB Silicon Foundries recorded sales of USD 85.4 million in the first quarter of 2007

March 2007

ZMD goes fabless as X-FAB acquires ZFOUNDRY

ZMD plans 20% growth in 2007; X-FAB continues its worldwide expansion

March 2007

X-FAB sales up 22 percent to USD 247 million in 2006

X-FAB announced results for its successful 2006 fiscal year

February 2007

X-FAB Extends Statistical Modeling Support for Analog/Mixed-Signal Processes

Monte Carlo simulation and circuit resizing with statistical and worst-case corners enables robust, high-yielding designs

November 2006

X-FAB to Release Design Kit for Its First Modular Analog/Mixed-Signal 0.18 um Process by End of Year

XC018 Master Kit for Cadence Supports CMOS Logic Low-Power Technology, Accelerates Development Time and Reduces Design Risks