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Take a look at vocational training and dual study programs of the locations Erfurt and Dresden.
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Vocational Training or Dual Study ProgramCategoryStart DateLocationContactLast update
6 x Microtechnologist (f/m)Technical Careers01.09.2014ErfurtAntje Geiger25.09.2013
1 x IT specialist systemintegration (f/m)Technical Careers01.09.2014ErfurtAntje Geiger05.11.2013
2 x Mechatronics technician (f/m)Technical Careers01.09.2014DresdenAnja Müller19.11.2013
1 x Industrial business specialistCommercial Careers01.09.2014ErfurtAntje Geiger25.09.2013
1 x Warehouse Logistics Specialist (m/f)Commercial Careers01.09.2014ErfurtAntje Geiger25.09.2013
2 x BA-Student Electrical Engineering and Automatization (B.Eng.)Dual Studies01.10.2014ErfurtAntje Geiger02.10.2013
1 x BA-Student Communication and Informationtechnologies (B.Eng) Dual Studies01.10.2014ErfurtAntje Geiger02.10.2013
5 x BA-Student Electrical Engineering (Diplomengineer)Dual Studies01.10.2014DresdenAnja Müller19.11.2013
1 x BA-Student Industrial Production Quality Management(B.Eng.)Dual Studies01.10.2014DresdenAnja Müller19.11.2013

The requested vocational training course or dual study program is not listed? Please feel free to send us an unsolicited applicationby e-mail or mail. Your application should contain the following information:

  • Personal Information
  • Aspired degree
  • Previous experience with similar internships etc.
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Interests and hobbies.

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