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Published: November 2009

Long-term functionality of integrated circuits (ICs) is based on the reliable operation of each component. Semiconductor device reliability within an IC is dependent on the specific stress mission profile of the ICs' intended application and its operating conditions. Shrinking primitive device dimensions and extended operating conditions compound the environmental challenges that designers face in trying to predict chip reliability.

Published: October 2009

At high temperature, designers are faced with additional technological and design challenges. These issues and how to address them are discussed in this presentation. The webinar looks at X-FAB's high temperature solutions, in particular its latest High Temperature Modular CMOS process (XA035), a comprehensive CMOS offering with High Voltage (HV), RF, and EEPROM integration that is suitable for temperatures up to 175C. The presentation also covers high temperature modelling, application specific reliability and design for reliability.

Published: March 2006

The feasibility of EEPROM memories in SOI process technologies has been proven. It has also been shown that known data retention problems at high temperatures caused by leakage currents can be solved without extra circuitry. In this paper results of EEPROM cell matrix measurements regarding functionality and reliability will be presented. Different cell designs will be compared. Furthermore, a 32x16 bit EEPROM prototype and memory test results will be shown.