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Published: September 2014

For a high robust metallization it is necessary to solve different problems related to migration mechanisms and thermo-mechanical stress in the material. Extended operating conditions and challenging assembling processes influence stress behaviour in chip corners. Typically the corner area of the chip is excluded for use. For higher stress load the forbidden area increases. But effort for demanding mission profiles of a product should not cumulative in increasing chip size. Simulation can help to a better understanding of mechanical stress in the chip corner and chip-package interaction.

Published: October 2013

This webinar session provides guidance through the EDA environment and describes the interaction among EDA tools, design methodology and PDKs to optimize the design process. It uses selected reference flows and best practice examples for critical components during the design phase.

Published: September 2013

This webinar session focuses on the importance of proper characterization data for successful analog design, and discusses how modeling and process characterization can make life easier for analog design engineers. It covers statistic modeling approaches, model quality assurance and process calibration.