X-FAB Introduces Trench-Insulated Smart Power Technology

Erfurt, Germany, 六月 3, 2004.

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, the leading mixed-signalfoundry specialist, now is offering customers a newly available 650-Volt smart power technology (XD10H) based on a trench-isolated SOI process. The XD10H technologyis especially suitable for any type of power net application up to 230 Volts.

XD10H is a modular process combining DMOS, bipolar and 1-micron CMOS processing steps with dielectric insulation. This approach enables the integration of a wide variety of MOS and bipolar devices with different voltage levels. In addition to predefined 650- and 350-Volt n-channel DMOS transistors with different on-resistances, CMOS transistors are available with voltage levels from 5-20V. Complex CMOS logic also can be integrated, based on 1-micron design rules.

The core process module is available for 650V breakdown voltage of the HV DMOS providing trench insulation, single-level poly with gate oxide and a third power metal layer.Resulting chip sizes for devices requiring 650V insulation will be significantly smaller using XD10H with the trench (dielectric) insulated devices compared to technology using junction insulation for high-voltage devices.

Main target applications for this technology include analog switch ICs, driver ICs for capacitive, inductive and resistive loads, and El/piezo driver ICs for applications using a 230V net supply.

X-FAB also offers its well-recognized comprehensive design support for XD10, including adesign kit with libraries, models and documentation.