Leading Mixed-Signal Foundry and EDA Supplier Work Together To Deliver Process Design Kits

Erfurt, Germany, 六月 1, 2005.

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, one of the world's leading independent analog/mixed-signal semiconductor foundries today announced a collaborative agreement with Tanner EDA, the worldwide leader in tools for analog/mixed-signal IC and MEMS design on the Windows platform. X-FAB works closely with Tanner EDA to build and deliver comprehensive design kits for analog/mixed-signal ICs targeting mainstream process technologies. The collaboration ensures that design teams are able to accelerate product development and achieve high levels of design quality while keeping EDA costs tightly under control.

"We see the proliferation of products requiring RF/wireless technology, cutting edge graphics and imaging technology, and extreme power management environments driving the challenges of analog and mixed-signal design further and faster than any other trends in the IC industry," said Dr. John Tanner, President and CEO of Tanner Research. "When combined with increasing market demand for features, competitive time to market pressures, rising costs of development and shrinking revenues, IC designers in this area face challenges that form the critical path in typical new product development. It is crucial that not only do they choose suppliers that deliver the highest performance/cost ratios, but that suppliers partner to integrate their solutions. The combination of jointly developed design kits for X-FAB technologies and proven Tanner EDA tools for analog/mixed-signal design enables faster developmentand high quality while keeping costs in line."

"The alliance between X-FAB and Tanner provides for a large category of mixed-signal designers access to the design kits they need to meet the challenges of this growing segment," said Dr. Jens Kosch, CTO of X-FAB group."The match was a natural one, as both companies are dedicated to providing the highest levels of performance, world class customer service and a value proposition that is within reach of an industry becoming increasingly cost conscious. With our processes and design kits, and Tanner EDA's HiPer Silicon platform, designers have a smooth and efficient path from design capture through to physical implementation. Our customers will benefit from faster time to market, lower costs, lower risks and shorter cycle times."

In addition to the existing Tanner PDK's (Process Development Kit) at the process nodes 1.0µm, 0.8µm, 0.6µm and 0.35µm, X-FAB released their latest Tanner PDK Design Kit for the 0.35µm, 3.3V BiCMOS process at the end of April 2005. The 0.35µm BiCMOS technology offers 3- or 4-layer metallization with the option for an alternative thick 4th layer metallization, double poly and MiM capacitor as well highresistive poly. This technology is especially suitable for RF circuits and high precision analog applications.

About Tanner EDA:
Tanner EDA is the worldwide leader in tools for analog/mixed-signal IC and MEMS design on the Windows platform. Headquartered in Pasadena, CA, but with sales offices worldwide, Tanner EDA develops design capture, simulation, layout and verification software for analog and mixed signal ICs used in RF, optoelectronic,biomedical, power management and other diverse applications. Tanner EDA?s flagship products HiPer Verify, L-Edit Pro and T-Spice Pro provide a complete high performance design flow including schematic entry, waveform probing, full-custom layout editing, place and route, LVS and DRC verification, netlist extraction and circuit simulation. Founded in 1988, Tanner EDA is a division of privately held Tanner Research, Inc., and can be found on the World Wide Web at www.tannereda.com.